Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How To Make” Fat” Money With Twitter

If you thought using Twitter was only for social networking, think again. People are starting to tap in to the concept of making money with their Twitter website. You can make money with Twitter, but there are certain things you have to do in order to make a profit. Of course, you must have a Twitter account in order to make money with Twitter. Signing up for a Twitter account does not cost you anything. When you get your Twitter site set up, you will want to start posting tweets to your site. Posting tweets will help you get followers. When followers tweet posts to you, you should respond in kind. It is not necessary to have a gigantic following in order to make money with Twitter.It’s better to have followers that have the same interests than hundreds of followers that are not interested in cultivating a relationship with you on your Twitter site. You don’t want to be too quick about promoting things in the very beginning. It’s better to get to know the followers on your site. You should want to establish a trust with them. They should also want to establish a trust with you.When it’s time for you to make money with Twitter, it will be easier for you because the relationship has been established. When you are ready to make money with Twitter, don’t blatantly promote your products or services. Some people could think that you are trying to spam them. It’s not a good idea to mention your product to your followers every time you send a tweet. However, when the time is right, here are some ways that you can make money with Twitter: • Product recommendation – You could write a recommendation of a product to your followers. Encourage them to check it out and take action. It’s a good idea if you actually tried out the product yourself before you recommend it to them. It will make you the expert on it, and they will be more inclined to purchase. • Affiliate marketing – If you are recommending a product on behalf of someone else, you can place your affiliate link in your tweet post. • Your product – You can promote your own product and sell it from your sales page. Tweet your way to stacking serious cash with this system. Tools,backgrounds and apps click the link to learn more Bonus: get a 104 page guide with 201 FREE twitter Tools And Apps. Click the link to download your free guide now http://201Resourcestools


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