Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Add Google Calendar and Google Docs in Gmail Sidebar

Gmail Labs allows us to customize our Gmail Account as per our need and we can enable various features like inserting images in text body, Additional Smiley Codes, Preview Pane etc of which we are otherwise devoid. Now Gmail has introduced Google Calendar and Google Docs in Gmail Labs that you can enable and view them as sidebar widgets in your Gmail Account.
Adding both these gadgets in sidebar can be very handy for those who use to spend ample time on Gmail and frequently use these services. In Google Calendar one can set his meetings, events, details etc and get notified about it at. Basically it acts like an alarm in Gmail. In Google Docs you can view all the documents that you have starred mark, recently viewed etc.

Add Google Calendar and Google Docs in Gmail Sidebar

  • Open Mail Settings of your Gmail Account.
  • In Mail Settings, go to Labs Tab.
  • Now scroll down till you find Google Calendar Gadget and Google Docs Gadget (Both are adjacent to each other).
  • Select Enable radio button for both and click on Save Changes.
  • Now you will see both the gadgets will be in your left sidebar.

  • Now Refresh your Gmail page and it will give you an option to set/view Event and Add/view Doc files.
You can also add these gadgets from third party services but the graphical interface is not user friendly.


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