Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Bypass Pandora Radio U.S IP Restriction

Pandora is popular music streaming website which is currently available only in United States.It automatically creates a personalized radio based on your previous song selections and plays similar songs .To select the songs it uses Genome Project, which analyses music through factors such as tone, speed, instruments and styles.It also changes its song selection depending upon the ratings given to songs played earlier. 

Why Pandora isn’t Available Outside U.S
Pandora is a genuine music streaming Radio service that pays the royalties to the artists or production houses for every time a song is played.Since it follows local laws it couldn’t reached an agreement with other countries.Earlier it was available in United Kingdom but later due to dispute over royalties it had to stop its services. 
How Pandora Detects whether You from U.S or Outside
Pandora Radio detects Geo Location by analyzing the Ip address of the user.If your IP address belongs to U.S it streams the songs otherwise it will redirect you to restricted page.So, it uses Ip Address to locate your Location which isn’t hard thing to bypass. 
How To Bypass Pandora Radio U.S IP Restriction
There is not a single method but three methods using which I was able to Bypass the Ip restriction.
1. By Using Proxy Servers (most obvious)
2. By Using Hide Ip Software
3. By using Https Enforcer Extensions
 How To Bypass Pandora Radio Ip Restrictions using Proxy

When you surf using a Proxy server your Ip address gets masked from the website instead the Ip address of the Proxy Servers is Visible to the web server.So, by using a US proxy server you will mask your actual Ip address .Proxy servers are not reliable as they go down from time to time.
How To Bypass Pandora Radio Ip Restrictions using Hide Ip Software

Hide ip Softwares automatically selects an Ip address and apply the proxy settings in your browser.So you don’t have to bother yourself for finding a working proxy as the software will automatically handle all this without need of your intervention.
How to bypass Pandora Radio IP restrictions Using Browser Extensions

There is a loophole in secure version (https) of pandora’s website.If you force your browser to open pandora in secure version then it doesn’t check your Ip Address.So, this trick doesn’t require masking of IP address and will be a cakewalk for most of the users.

    For Mozilla Firefox, install HTTPS Everywhere Extension and restart the browser.
    For Google Chrome, install HTTPS Enforcer Extension and click on the icon to set Status Enable.
    Now open Pandora website and listen any song on the radio without any restriction.

In case, if you are facing any problem in opening websites like Google, Facebook then disable these extension to get rid of such problems.


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