Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spy on Chidren’s Computer with Best Keylogger Software of 2012

Keylogger softwares are the best way to record and store everything that occurs at your back in your computer.They are highly useful for parents who wants to keep check on their children’s online activities and shield them from online hazards like adult content, abuse and other Internet threats.After you come home from your office you will have the screenshots, Log Records of chat activities and record of each keystroke that has been pressed.
In 2011 major security breaches occurred all over the world and 2012 is expected to be no different.It’s always wise decision to keep an eye on children’s online activity and advice them before they get strayed.Max Keylogger is the best and most cost effective software that performs its job to perfection.It is a delicately engineered product that is of top notch quality and stuffed with features that makes it a complete spy software.
Here are Few features that Makes it Stand out from the Lot

    Record Each Keystroke:- Every keystroke pressed on your computer is recorded including all Usernames and passwords.
    Time Logging:-Apart from recording each keystroke it also keeps record of the time at which these they were pressed.
    Instant Chat Messages Recording:-It even records all the chats from Facebook,Google talk,Yahoo Messenger and any other instant Messenger.
    Track Emails:-It also keeps a track of each and every email that is sent or received using your computer.
    Monitor Websites:-It no longer matters whether your child uses the Private browsing or clears the history from time to time because all the visited websites will also be stored by Max Keylogger.
    Review Every Downloaded File:You can also review each and every file which is downloaded on your computer.

If your child is computer geek and you fear that he may discover the software and will unistall it then you really have something to cheer about.Once Installed Max keylogger runs in stealth mode and cannot be detected by even top security products like Norton,Mcafee and Kaspersky so forget that your child can do it.Moreover if you want to keep a real time check on your children’s activity you can also get all the screenshots and other data delivered on your email account within regular interval of time.

If you are serious about your children’s online security that you should try Max keylogger and you won’t be disappointed.


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