Sunday, September 9, 2012

Google's New Privacy Policy change, Good or Bad ?

Google Privacy policy change is a bit of concern for some sectors but people ignore that Facebook has openly admitted that it tracks user browsing pattern even if they are logged out and keeps pages long data about their customers. I personally trust Google as my email IDs been with them since a long time and nothing wrong happened to me till date. I continue to use Gmail and has no plans to stop as other services are not so popular. My contacts are on gtalk and I will be using it onwards. It is a bit of concern that is someone else bought Google, they may be not like the current management. But we must not forget that all those internet is built on Google's money. The search we do, the sites which offer free guides and solution through search results, the web industry and people who depend on that for livelihood etc. It would not have been possible for every individual to get ads for a useful site and imagine a life without Google. Google of course is doing a business and it earns heavily from it, but on the other side, we are getting benefited 10 fold that too for free.

If some other provider was in Google's place, first 10 searches per day will be free and then Rs. 10 or $ 1 per search. That is how things still work outside. Free is something we started to hear after Google. Though I would like people to make their concern reach Google and they take some steps to lessen the concern, it would be a bit harsh to criticize Google when it asks in Google Chrome that would you like to keep as default search engine for Chrome. Which other browser asks us whether or not to choose a provider that is not as profitable as the search page they offer ?


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